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353 program… almost finished

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353 program… almost finished

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app dating piu usate So, a little over a week ago, we had the “final inspection” of the 353 tax abatement program.

vacanze per adulti I was not happy.

There are a few things the City of Independence does NOT tell you about the 353 program.

1) OK, so you’ve got this list of improvements you have to make, but if anything ELSE deteriorates to the point where they see it on the final inspection (especially any peeling paint), then you’ll have 30 days to fix that up.

So, in other words, a 100-plus year old house needs to be in almost PERFECT condition to pass their inspection.

2) Things that they MISSED on their inspection four years ago… are FAIR GAME to now be REQUIRED for you to have 30 days to fix them! ( Our basement stairs have four or five steps that lead to a landing, then you turn 90 degrees and go down the remaining steps. This first section of steps does NOT have a railing. They are suddenly requiring that.)

3) And even once your final inspection has been signed-off on… and the tax benefits get submitted to your mortgage company, the city is going to come out and do an “inspection” once every 5 years for the total life of the abatement…which is 25 years !! I have to get details yet on this. It is an exterior only inspection? Or more? How much time do you have to fix stuff after those inspections?


So now we have until November 14th to fix several items, including some minor wood rot repair, some peeling paint, put in a railing, repaint the entire front porch, put in landscape “erosion control” (sigh), and a few other things. Like I’ve got nothing better to do… within that 30 days time.

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