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silikonit tarjous My apologies… I’ve let this site kind of slide for the past few years.

cerco donne per vacanze Once we finished our work for the city’s 353 Tax Abatement program, we kind of went “whew!” and did nothing for a while. Then I had problems with the hosting of this WordPress blog. Switched hosting providers a couple of times. Managed to get myself locked out of it and just didn’t set aside the time to fix things.

I really need to fix the site’s layout and get that Image Gallery back working again.

As far as news for the house goes: It’s time to paint the exterior again (sigh). Nothing major has been done lately. If I try to think of anything recent that we’ve done or fixed… well, the garage exterior light has been replaced with a nice LED one. You can’t find replacement bulbs for it, though, because they never INTENDED you to replace the bulb: supposedly, the bulb will last 30 years! I really like the quality and spread of light that it gives off.

We did have our asphalt driveway resealed last year. Typical maintenance for that. Looks like we’re having a very mild winter, which will help that last longer.

I’m weaning myself away from x-10 home automation and the use of Homeseer Home Automation software. We have some ZWave light controls now. But we’ve separated lighting from motion sensors and alarms by buying a Simplisafe security system, which I really like!

I’ve also gotten a bit away from gardening and landscaping in recent years, as it just gets so hot in the late Spring so quickly, I’d rather do stuff inside. But there’s always that annual Spring burst of enthusiasm where one needs to go out and buy things to plant!

Well, hopefully I’ll get on here soon and fix the darned theme and other stuff on this site.


-= Dave =-

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