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My Old House on Winner Road
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Image Gallery is back!

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Wow! It’s been 4 years since I last added something to the image gallery, I think.
And the image gallery has been “down” since shortly thereafter.

My apologies!

I vaguely recall shutting down a lot of personal sites around that time and changing web hosts.
I went with some low-cost WordPress hosting sites that didn’t allow one to have extra databases, and so I couldn’t house the gallery application.

But it’s back now! Thanks!

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My apologies… I’ve let this site kind of slide for the past few years.

Once we finished our work for the city’s 353 Tax Abatement program, we kind of went “whew!” and did nothing for a while. Then I had problems with the hosting of this Wordpress blog. Switched hosting providers a couple of times. Managed to get myself locked out of it and just didn’t set aside the time to fix things.

I really need to fix the site’s layout and get that Image Gallery back working again.

As far as news for the house goes: It’s time to paint the exterior again (sigh). Nothing major has been done lately. If I try to …

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353 Tax Abatement Program: FINALLY, we’re done

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Well, as of last week, we signed the concluding paperwork for the 353 Tax Abatement Program in our area. As we were getting ready to leave, the head of the program for the City advised us to call our mortgage lender. She said we should be able to tell them that we just finished up on a Tax Abatement program and that we’d like them to:

a) NOT pay this year’s real estate property tax bill (which I’m sure they were about to do; it’s time).
b) REFUND us that money.

I THOUGHT I was going to have a rough time explaining it to them. But after giving my initial speech to Bank of Kansas City Mortgage, and …

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353 program… almost finished

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So, a little over a week ago, we had the “final inspection” of the 353 tax abatement program.

I was not happy.

There are a few things the City of Independence does NOT tell you about the 353 program.

1) OK, so you’ve got this list of improvements you have to make, but if anything ELSE deteriorates to the point where they see it on the final inspection (especially any peeling paint), then you’ll have 30 days to fix that up.

So, in other words, a 100-plus year old house needs to be in almost PERFECT condition to pass their inspection.

2) Things that they MISSED on their inspection four years ago… are FAIR GAME to now be REQUIRED for you to have 30 …


Insulation Work

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On Monday and Tuesday (05/06 – 05/07/13), we finally got around to addressing our “Top 2 To-Do’s” that resulted from our Home Energy Audit from a few years back.
#1 — Sealing the Rim Joists in the Basement

This is the area where the house meets the foundation. In our case, this is where the wood walls of the house met the stone foundation of the basement. This border was found previously to be a large source of air leakage.
#2 — Insulating the Attic

We had a choice here: Did we want to use the attic as livable space someday? Or did we want to keep it as storage and treat it as “outside” …

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