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My Old House on Winner Road
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Property / House is now a Local Historic Landmark!!

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Greetings All!

Just a quick post today:

Last night, the Independence City Council voted to approve declaring (and re-zoning) our property as being a local historic landmark!

Some people have wondered why we’d want to do such a thing?

I find that they usually have some misconceptions about government interference. Yes, we will have to get pre-approval in the future for any changes we want to make to the exterior of our house. But, I’ve looked over the list of what needs approval and what does not. And it is clear to me that if we do all things with a desire to maintain the historic look of the home, we’ll be fine!

The City wants the same thing we do: To preserve this old house with the architectural features on the outside looking as much as possible like it did when the house was originally built. And that includes using the same materials as were originally there, if possible. No vinyl siding !!

Some people think that you have to “run your plans past the City” before you can do anything on the INSIDE of the house. That is simply NOT true!

My wife even thought this means we HAVE to let people in for tours of our house. NOT TRUE!

I don’t know where she got that idea.

Now our house may be LISTED on a historic homes walking tour webpage that the City maintains. And it may end up on some similar flyers. But that’s a WALKING tour. People view the OUTSIDE of the house.

I have no problem with the City of Independence promoting its older, well-kept homes to tourists and interested citizens! That’s fabulous! This old house is, I think, far STRONGER in terms of its core materials than other homes. The rock foundation, the fir 2×4’s, the thicker walls, it’s all pretty strong and has withstood the test of 100+ years.

Some people have asked: what do we get out of it? Do property values go up? Not necessarily. Will it be easier or harder for us to sell our home someday? No one can predict. Some say “harder”, others say “easy, if you market to the right people”. It doesn’t matter to me. We’re not planning on going anywhere.

What we get is to share a bit of pride with the City. It’s a “badge of honor”, if you will. There aren’t very many Historic Landmarks in this city that are west of Chrysler. Still fewer are west of Sterling. We hope that our public pride in this house helps western Independence feel proud as well!


-= Dave =-

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Bringing Glory to the West Side

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Greetings All !

This week saw two significant events in the ongoing saga of the life of this house:

1) Phase One of our application for Local Historic Landmark designation was completed:

On Tuesday, the City of Independence’s Heritage Commission approved our application! Ms. Wendy Shay of the City’s Community Development Department “lobbied our case”. She presented information about our house and our application to the Heritage Commission, who then unanimously approved our application.

There are three more steps in the process. Step Two will be a presentation to the Planning Commission on February 12th. The Planning Commission must approve a change of zoning from R-2 Residential to H-L Historic Landmark. (Interesting tidbit: …

bacheka incontri padova 12/11/2007

Christmas Homes Tour

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Greetings All!

On last Saturday, December 8th, our house was a part of a new, small, local Holiday Homes Tour called the “Holly Trolley Tour”!

What was nice about this tour (for the tour-goers) was that all of the homes were in a few blocks of each other. The idea is that all of the homes were on or very close to Winner Road, where once the old trolley tracks ran.

There were four homes, a garden, and a church on the tour. And no, there was no real trolley for people to ride on. (This was the first official year for this tour. There’s talk of having a real trolley next year.)

All proceeds from the …

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The Loss of a Loving Friend

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Yesterday was a sad, upsetting day at our house.

The time came when we felt no choice but that we had to put one of our two cats, Sammy, to sleep.

We first encountered Sammy when we came to look at this house for the first time.  He was there in front of the porch, waiting to greet us!  For that visit and the next one, we had THOUGHT he belonged to the home’s previous owners.  However, they said no, they said he was sort of a stray who liked to hang out on their porch.

We later learned that his true owner was either the landlord next door or the previous tenant.  In talking with the landlord, he said that …


Final Photos of the Exterior Paint Job / Period Color Scheme are now online!

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Greetings All!

Well, I finally got around to posting the “after” photos of our exterior paint job on our home.  9 colors !! 

Here’s a link to that category of photos in our image gallery here:


Thanks for stopping by!


-= Dave =-

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