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Insulation Work

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On Monday and Tuesday (05/06 – 05/07/13), we finally got around to addressing our “Top 2 To-Do’s” that resulted from our Home Energy Audit from a few years back.

This is the area where the house meets the foundation. In our case, this is where the wood walls of the house met the stone foundation of the basement. This border was found previously to be a large source of air leakage.

We had a choice here: Did we want to use the attic as livable space someday? Or did we want to keep it as storage and treat it as “outside” of the home’s living space?

Well, since the attic has dormers, there’s a lot of space up there. It seemed like capturing that as livable space would be a nice way to add a room (or two) onto the house in the future. (I’m thinking “game room”; my wife’s thinking “master bedroom”.)

So, this meant insulating the attic roof and walls, which included sealing up the vents to the outside that are in the attic roof.

We chose inserzione annunci gratis A+ Insulation, whom we learned about from Angie’s List, to do this work.

I have included some “Before & After Photos” of the attic work here!

It took A+ a bit longer than expected to do the work due to a mechanical breakdown of their system. It seems that somewhere along the line, when traveling between their last stop and our house, a wire came loose. And it took them several hours to locate that root cause.

However, the workers were very nice and communicated well with us.

I will say that, despite the fact that the workers hauled away several large trash bags of left over hunks of spray foam, there’s still a ton of tiny bits of foam in the attic and down our stairs into the main house. We’ll have to take a shop vac to that. It’s just a minor nuisance, but I had to laugh when I saw one of our cat’s had a lot of foam stuck to his fluffy tail!

Total cost for both basement rim joist work and attic work = $3500.

I’m anxious to see what sort of temperature differences we’ll now encounter up there in the attic on very hot or very cold days. There ARE still 4 large windows up there, so we may have to give those some heavier curtains so as to lessen the effects of the sun on that glass.

Thanks for stopping by today!

-= Dave =-


Finally… the “After Photos” of our Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

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I’m like REALLY short on time here right now. Gotta run.

But I just finished uploading and describing a bunch of photos of our completed bathroom remodel.

A huge thanks to Mike and Denise Butler of “Inviting Spaces”. ( ) They were our designer-contractors.


Oh, what fun a bathroom remodel can be! Two unexpected hurdles

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Well, it’s high time I posted an update about how our bathroom remodel is going. I’m sure if you asked my wife, she’d have expected it to be all over with about two weeks ago.

However, we encountered two unexpected surprises:

1) “Honey, what’s that dripping sound coming from the TV ?” — One Friday (was it two or three weeks ago?), Terry and I had been out all afternoon, shopping. Now, I had always said this bathroom remodel was MY project. I urged her to keep her nose out of it. This was in “fair retaliation” for the fact that she had been completely in-charge of our kitchen remodel a few years ago. But …


Bathroom remodel has begun!

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Well, it’s been a LOOONG time since I posted here! That’s because we haven’t been doing any work on the house… until two days ago.

We have finally decided to go ahead with the remodeling of our 2nd floor bath.

Here are some “before photos” that we took (and posted here) two years ago:

Our tax return gave us some “starter money” towards this project. But by no means will that money pay for the whole thing. Yeah, we’re going to have to use credit on the rest. And that sort of goes against the “Dave Ramsey Plan”, which we’ve been trying to live by for the past few months.

But every few years I …


Garage repainted!

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Greetings all!

I’ve just posted photos of our garage, as it looks following our repainting efforts last week!

Please note that the north and south “side windows” were NOT repainted…and therefore look kind of stupid at the moment.

The reason for that is, right before we were going to paint this, we had the inspector come out for the 353 tax abatement program. And she said that we will have to either return those windows to normal, functioning windows that are NOT boarded-up…. or remove them completely and replace them with siding.

Well, in the interest of security, we’re going to have them removed. (Our garage was broken into about two weeks after we’d moved into this home back in August 2004. …

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