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dimensiunea penisului 9/11/2010

Finally… the “After Photos” of our Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

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I’m like REALLY short on time here right now. Gotta run.

But I just finished uploading and describing a bunch of photos of our completed bathroom remodel.

A huge thanks to Mike and Denise Butler of “Inviting Spaces”. ( ) They were our designer-contractors.

matura cerca uomo brescia 6/17/2010

Oh, what fun a bathroom remodel can be! Two unexpected hurdles

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Well, it’s high time I posted an update about how our bathroom remodel is going. I’m sure if you asked my wife, she’d have expected it to be all over with about two weeks ago.

However, we encountered two unexpected surprises:

1) “Honey, what’s that dripping sound coming from the TV ?” — One Friday (was it two or three weeks ago?), Terry and I had been out all afternoon, shopping. Now, I had always said this bathroom remodel was MY project. I urged her to keep her nose out of it. This was in “fair retaliation” for the fact that she had been completely in-charge of our kitchen remodel a few years ago. But …

prezzi falloplastica 5/21/2010

Bathroom remodel has begun!

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Well, it’s been a LOOONG time since I posted here! That’s because we haven’t been doing any work on the house… until two days ago.

We have finally decided to go ahead with the remodeling of our 2nd floor bath.

Here are some “before photos” that we took (and posted here) two years ago:

Our tax return gave us some “starter money” towards this project. But by no means will that money pay for the whole thing. Yeah, we’re going to have to use credit on the rest. And that sort of goes against the “Dave Ramsey Plan”, which we’ve been trying to live by for the past few months.

But every few years I …

donne sposate e tradimenti 7/5/2008

Garage reorg….and revealing the clawfoot tub…

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Greetings All!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. I did a LOT of planning in the last few months for my wife’s 50th birthday party, which was June 7th. We had about 70 guests to that party… so that tells you how much planning it took to pull off. And now, following that, we don’t have enough money to do much of anything on the house right now, other than take better care of what we already have… and sell off what we don’t need.

I’m especially proud that I recently took a solid day-and-a-half to totally clean and reorganize the garage (which we haven’t been able to park a vehicle in for two …


Thinking ahead to the second floor bathroom

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Greetings All !

I’ve just posted photos of our second floor bathroom and the sorry state it is in.

I hope to start work on this project shortly, though we basically have zero money for it.

We’ve GOT to get out of showering in the basement. So, unlike other projects where one would have everything done in one big project, this one will probably be done in stages.


-= Dave =-

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