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homme cherche femme a Cachan 6/7/2007

Final Photos of the Exterior Paint Job / Period Color Scheme are now online!

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Greetings All!

Well, I finally got around to posting the “after” photos of our exterior paint job on our home.  9 colors !! 

Here’s a link to that category of photos in our image gallery here:


Thanks for stopping by!


-= Dave =-

materske znamienko 11/9/2006

Ding-dong! Asbestos is gone!

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Yesterday, I paid a local hauling company $125 to haul off all of the old asbestos siding that I had removed from the house in recent months.

And we are OH-SO-HAPPY that it is finally gone!

I had bagged all of the asbestos and tar paper into contractor’s trash bags.  And even then, I could only fill them half-way before they became way too heavy to handle. 

As a temporary measure, I moved all of the bags to just outside the north wall of the garage.  And there they sat, all 35 (roughly) of them.

I had called Kansas City’s Hazardous Waste dump, but was told that asbestos siding is NOT considered to be hazardous waste!  They said that that stuff would have to …

mareste ti bustul 11/8/2006

Painting continues…. slowly….

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Exterior painting on our old house continues!  

Tim Wagner, our contractor, and his family apparently only can work on Saturdays.  (I guess painting old houses isn’t steady-enough work to make it their full-time job.)   However, when the weather’s nice and it’s a Saturday, they’re here and they’re usually here a good long time!

Our goal is to get a coat of primer on the exterior so as to seal the house up before the real winter cold gets here.  (Oddly enough, the high temperature is supposed to be 80 degrees F today.)

So, the work is slowly proceeding.  They actually have the final color on the south wall, but primer is on both the north wall and part of the east wall.

Tim …

donne non mercenarie bologna 10/10/2006

Big Update

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Captain’s Log, Stardate 20061010……

(Sorry!  Always wanted to start a post like that!)


I am approaching the end of a one-month sabbatical from work.  What with all of the meetings I’ve attended for various groups devoted to improving conditions on this side of town… and with hand-delivering 200 newsletters to area homes, frankly, I think I overworked myself.

I’m setting aside Thursday as a day to do nothing, but even then, I’m committed to work at an area fundraiser for the police.

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy, but overall, quite productive.


New Garage Door Openers — Several months back (April?), lightning in the area managed to knock-out the controllers of BOTH garage door openers.  We didn’t have the cash to immediately …


Peeling off the old asbestos siding

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Greetings All !

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  My wife’s working hours have been a bit less lately, so when I’m off-shift, she’s been taking up more and more of my time lately.

Well, since my last post, a few things have happened regarding the whole idea of repainting the house.  Of course, as you may recall, our plan is not to do just a simple one-color paint-job.   No, instead, we had consulted with an expert on period home color schemes… and he had proposed a plan where we’ll be using nine (!!) different colors to repaint the home to what it COULD have been years ago, when it was originally built.

Our color expert, Paul Helmer, then recommended two contractors …

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