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New Foyer Chandelier !!

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single rimini A new chandelier for our foyer!

πλαστικη λαιμου Ever since we moved in, my wife and I have been wanting to replace the very-boring light-fixture that was already in the main entry / foyer of the house.

Well, yesterday afternoon, a chandelier we purchased via Ebay (from a seller in Ontario, Canada) finally arrived!

I arrived home at 5:30 PM and immediately got to work installing it. I ended up making two trips to the hardware store (which, unfortunately, is NOT close to our house). It took a bit longer than expected for me to determine exactly which little metal adapter I needed in order to connect the chandelier to the ceiling bracket that already was there. I had originally tried to make my purchase BEFORE shutting down power to the front of the house. My mistake. If I’d only shut the power off first, and THEN went shopping, I probably would have saved myself 45 minutes to an hour.

I guess I was worried about just how much of the front of the house I’d be shutting down when I turned off the breaker. However, I only shut down the front-porch light, the foyer light, and the dining room. Thanks to the fact that I’d already put up the Christmas tree in the next room… and Christmas lights on the front porch, there was enough ambient light for me to see things pretty well! So, once I had the right parts, the install went smoothly.

I guess my only disappointment with the chandelier is that all of the crystals were NEW, not old. But my wife doesn’t mind. She thinks it looks glorious!

I mistakenly put three 40-watt bulbs in it, though… which is a bit too bright. So that’s probably contributing to it’s “glory” right now. But Terry’s going to pick up some 25-watt bulbs on her way home this afternoon. That will tone it down a bit.

Makes me wonder if I can find some similar fluorescent bulbs, to save energy / money!

(On a side-note, I recently replaced two halogen floodlights on the garage with two fluorescent ones! And the flourescent ones were only about $1 a piece MORE than the halogen ones! This is rather unusual to me, as I’m used to paying 2-3 times as much for flourescents. What’s interesting is the apparent construction of these fluorescent floodlights: They look like all they are is the regular, twisty-kind of flourescent light-bulb, put inside of a floodlight casing! There’s no delay when these lights come on and their light does look pretty-much the same color as the halogens: a yellowish-white! Let’s hope they last me a few years!)

Gotta run! Work calls!

-= Dave =-

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