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come si può far crescere il seno 5/28/2009

Garage repainted!

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Greetings all!

I’ve just posted photos of our garage, as it looks following our repainting efforts last week!

Please note that the north and south “side windows” were NOT repainted…and therefore look kind of stupid at the moment.

The reason for that is, right before we were going to paint this, we had the inspector come out for the 353 tax abatement program. And she said that we will have to either return those windows to normal, functioning windows that are NOT boarded-up…. or remove them completely and replace them with siding.

Well, in the interest of security, we’re going to have them removed. (Our garage was broken into about two weeks after we’d moved into this home back in August 2004. I boarded up those windows shortly thereafter.)

Here are the pics:

I really need to make a post about the kind of paint that we used. It’s the same stuff that was used on the house: Sherwin-Williams “Duration” paint. This stuff was pricey ($43 per gallon!), but it goes on really nicely…and it has a LIFETIME guarantee! And after two years on our house, it’s only peeling in a couple of places where it was painted onto METAL (gutters, window sills). Clearly, those metal areas should have been PRIMED first, but I don’t blame our painters. Not very much is peeling off of that metal at all, just a bit. I hope to do touch-up on those locations on the house shortly.

Thanks for stopping by the site!

-= Dave =-

como aumentar o peniis 5/23/2009

Garage Exterior Replaced

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I just uploaded 5 photos of our garage that were taken about 10 or so days ago. They show our garage immediately following our “exterior replacement project”.

Before this work, the garage was covered with a deteriorating white fiber-board-like product called “T-111 board”. Rainwater plus a lack of horizontal flashing were causing this stuff to fall apart badly. (There’s another section of that image gallery where I uploaded “before photos” a few months ago. I invite you to take a look!)

We hired “Inviting Spaces LLC” to tear off most of this T-111 board and replace it with something called “SmartSiding”. I say “most” because we decided to only remove the lower 32 inches worth …

plasticke operacie cennik 4/24/2009

Finally revving up again for some home improvement!

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Greetings All!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted… I know. Sorry about that, but we haven’t really DONE any home improvement in a while. Let’s face it, money has been tight in the past year!

Money is still tight tight.

But there are some things that just have to be done right now. And there seem to be a few opportunities on the horizon.

bakeca annunci personali verona 1) What little we HAVE done this year — I did have a plumber come out and do two smaller jobs for me: He installed shut-off valves on the water supplies for the sink, the toilet, and the tub in our second floor bathroom. As we get ready to hopefully remodel …


Photos of our Deteriorating Garage

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Greetings All!

I’ve just uploaded some photos into our Image Gallery here. They are pictures of our garage that I took last week, just after I gave it a thorough day-and-a-half cleaning out. :

Mostly, I’m posting them so that you can see the outside of the garage. It is covered with a thin, almost paneling-like covering that I believe is called “T-111 board”. It doesn’t hold up well to water damage, which is pretty darned obvious in the photos. Any rain splash-back from the ground that hits this stuff sure seems to wear away at it heavily. This causes holes which let insects and critters in (we had a SERIOUS mouse problem in the garage …


Garage reorg….and revealing the clawfoot tub…

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Greetings All!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. I did a LOT of planning in the last few months for my wife’s 50th birthday party, which was June 7th. We had about 70 guests to that party… so that tells you how much planning it took to pull off. And now, following that, we don’t have enough money to do much of anything on the house right now, other than take better care of what we already have… and sell off what we don’t need.

I’m especially proud that I recently took a solid day-and-a-half to totally clean and reorganize the garage (which we haven’t been able to park a vehicle in for two …

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