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Kitchen light fixture photos

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Just thought I’d take a moment to upload the photos of the two light fixtures that my wife purchased for the kitchen.  She ordered / bought these new from Rensen’s House of Lights, here in Independence.




Personally, I think these are okay. I’m not as excited about them as my wife is. Oh, the light they give off is pleasant enough. I just would have liked to see some actual antique fixtures used.

krankenkasse brustvergrößerung 3/31/2006

Kitchen remodel is finished! (Well, except for a few small things.)

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Greetings All !

 Believe me, I’m HAPPY to report that the remodeling of our kitchen is complete!   

(OK, well, yes, there are a few minor things left to do.  They include:

1)  Fix two areas where you can see the old flooring that was revealed when the pantry was pushed back slightly and the counter near the stove was cut down slightly.  I’ve got some spare flooring, but haven’t had time to attack this yet.  Note that we did NOT upgrade the flooring.  We didn’t want the added expense and the flooring is so darned indestructible, we wanted to keep it!

2) Terry wants to order an “island”…. one of the ones that are on wheels.  She wants to put this right in front …

netdating på mobil 3/21/2006

Mastercraft Kitchens thrown into confusion by crown molding job

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Greetings All !

OK, so when we last left our program, the tin ceiling and backsplash had been installed by Scott and Lisa of Nani’s Impresa.

(Quick side-note: I had mistakenly said that they were moving from Lawrence, KS to Atchison, KS. In fact, they are moving to North Kansas City.)

We were now waiting on two things:
1) JC Penney to come install the custom curtains (valences only, really… plus a Roman shade for the door).
2) Mastercraft Kitchens to come put the crown molding back into place above the cabinets… plus, install additional crown molding to go completely around the perimeter of the kitchen.

Well, JC Penney came out and installed the curtains just fine. I don’t have photos ready …

naisen siemensyöksy 3/13/2006

Photos from a few weeks ago… plus more kitchen remodel news

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Greetings All !

I’ve just uploaded some photos I took about three weeks ago…. sorry I’m so behind on this. They’re just a few shots showing:

a) The material my wife has picked out for the kitchen curtains. (She has custom ordered these from JC Penney.)

b) How the kitchen looked after the wallpaper was put up.

The wallpaper itself is sort of a black-pintstripe-on white pattern, but the white background has been “antiqued” a bit with a bit of browning / yellowing. I seriously had my doubts about this, but once the whole project is finished, I’m sure it will look fine.

Here are the photos.

As I write this, just yesterday, “Nani’s Impresa” finished …


OK, all cabinet-related work is now finally done

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Just wanted to drop a quick note saying that MasterCraft came out on Friday and finally fixed the final cabinet-installation-related problem.

Several weeks ago, the contractor installing the granite countertops accidentally bashed-in a strip of wood to the immediate right of the sink, at just above knee-level. He pointed it out to us at the time, accepted responsibility, and told MasterCraft to bill him.

But then came the long wait… as it took KitchenCraft forever to fulfill the order for a replacement piece of wood.

The damaged piece sits directly between two cabinet doors, as a kind of border. I’m sure it’s nailed directly perpendicular to the wooden “wall” separating the two cabinet cavities.

Well now, here’s the kicker: they …

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