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Early May: Lightning Strike !!

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I was playing an online game on a Saturday night. It was 11:20 PM. Without any warning whatsoever, there was a sudden VERY LOUD crack of thunder! It sounded like it struck right outside the window of the room I was in! The lights did NOT flicker at all (I’ll explain why in a moment). However, I immediately lost my Internet connection.

I thought I probably had to just go cycle the power on the cable modem or router. But when I got down to the basement, my heart sank: the router AND the cable modem had no power. Also, a separate PC that sits in the basement wouldn’t power back up. (It runs full time, running some home automation stuff.)

Realizing that there was zero I could do until a store opened in the morning, I went to bed.

In the morning, I went to turn on the TV, but all I got was the listing of what I SHOULD be seeing on cable. The show’s name and time-frame was there, but no picture…. for all channels. So, I called Comcast.

I was really surprised at how professional and caring the Comcast woman seemed to be. She determined that there was a cable splitter outside on the side of my house where one side of the splinter was broken (burnt out?). She replaced the whole thing. Once she heard that I couldn’t verify whether or not Internet connectivity was working…because I had fried hardware… she offered to get some power supplies from her truck and see if they’d work as substitutes on my cable modem or router. That was nice! She didn’t have to do that. It turns out, she had a power supply to fit ONE of them. No big deal. I pretty much knew I had fried hardware.

Went to Best Buy. Bought a new all-in-one cable modem and router. Got at least my wife’s PC (which uses a wireless connection) back online in short order. The basement PC would have to wait. (Long story short: In the end, my wife got a new PC and her old one became the new basement PC. The old drive in that old basement PC was still working just fine. Got lucky there!)

Then I tried my own PC and found I still couldn’t connect to the Internet. It was hard wired to the network and you’ll recall it was pretty much still working fine after the lightning strike. So, it would seem that the on-board network card (built into the motherboard) fried… BUT the rest of the motherboard did not! (AMAZING !!)

So, I ran out and bought a new network card (wireless.. because… did you know: Best Buy no longer sells WIRED network cards ?!? A week later I bought a wired one, which is my first choice, because my PC is two floors away from the router and I want to ensure good speeds).

The lightning strike apparently came in on the cable line, fried the cable modem, went to the router and fried it, and then the surge went out through every wire from that router and fried whatever it touched. (Heck, I almost forgot: My printer’s built in network card no longer works right. Went back to using an LPT cable on that.)

I have since then bought a nice surge protector to protect my CABLE line. We have whole house surge protection of the POWER lines from the cable company. I’ve been paying for that (an extra $5 per month) for years! It would seem it may have paid for itself in that we didn’t lose the TV, the stove, or anything else. Still, lesson learned: have a good surge protector for your cable line too!

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Finally… the “After Photos” of our Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

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I’m like REALLY short on time here right now. Gotta run.

But I just finished uploading and describing a bunch of photos of our completed bathroom remodel.

A huge thanks to Mike and Denise Butler of “Inviting Spaces”. ( ) They were our designer-contractors.

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Kitchen light fixture photos

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Just thought I’d take a moment to upload the photos of the two light fixtures that my wife purchased for the kitchen.  She ordered / bought these new from Rensen’s House of Lights, here in Independence.




Personally, I think these are okay. I’m not as excited about them as my wife is. Oh, the light they give off is pleasant enough. I just would have liked to see some actual antique fixtures used.

donne sole napoli 1/24/2006

Kitchen Remodel phase 2, plus Wiring this Old House for Sound and Video!

Greetings All !

Well, the wheels of progress are once again turning in our kitchen.

Shortly after Christmas, I had searched the Internet for reproduction tin ceiling manufacturers, especially any one that could recommend somebody to install one for us. (I just didn’t trust MasterCraft to do the job correctly and I certainly do not trust myself on this.)

The people we would choose to go with would not only be giving our kitchen ceiling a makeover, they’d also be installing a tin backsplash in the kitchen as well.

I found American Tin Ceilings. The referred to ZERO installers in the state of Missouri, so I checked Kansas… and found Scott and Lisa Runnels of “Nani’s Impresa” in Lawrence, Kansas.

I left them …


Swapped out a ceiling fan for a chandlier

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Greetings All !

OK, so this weekend, I finally decided to do a task that’s been waiting on me:

The previous owners had a huge Hunter ceiling fan installed in the Dining Room… for some reason. (Not sure why. Personally, I’m not too fond of having my food automatically cooled!)

My wife had purchased a used chandelier (it’s relatively new…. NOT an antique) a few months back. So it was now time for me to take out the ceiling fan and put in the chandelier!

Unfortunately, I had to REPAIR the chandelier first!

Somehow… in the process of getting it home and storing it for a few weeks, we broke an arm off of it!

Now, this isn’t one of those …

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