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Insulation Work

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On Monday and Tuesday (05/06 – 05/07/13), we finally got around to addressing our “Top 2 To-Do’s” that resulted from our Home Energy Audit from a few years back.

This is the area where the house meets the foundation. In our case, this is where the wood walls of the house met the stone foundation of the basement. This border was found previously to be a large source of air leakage.

We had a choice here: Did we want to use the attic as livable space someday? Or did we want to keep it as storage and treat it as “outside” of the home’s living space?

Well, since the attic has dormers, there’s a lot of space up there. It seemed like capturing that as livable space would be a nice way to add a room (or two) onto the house in the future. (I’m thinking “game room”; my wife’s thinking “master bedroom”.)

So, this meant insulating the attic roof and walls, which included sealing up the vents to the outside that are in the attic roof.

We chose marirea sanilor fara operatie A+ Insulation, whom we learned about from Angie’s List, to do this work.

I have included some “Before & After Photos” of the attic work here!

It took A+ a bit longer than expected to do the work due to a mechanical breakdown of their system. It seems that somewhere along the line, when traveling between their last stop and our house, a wire came loose. And it took them several hours to locate that root cause.

However, the workers were very nice and communicated well with us.

I will say that, despite the fact that the workers hauled away several large trash bags of left over hunks of spray foam, there’s still a ton of tiny bits of foam in the attic and down our stairs into the main house. We’ll have to take a shop vac to that. It’s just a minor nuisance, but I had to laugh when I saw one of our cat’s had a lot of foam stuck to his fluffy tail!

Total cost for both basement rim joist work and attic work = $3500.

I’m anxious to see what sort of temperature differences we’ll now encounter up there in the attic on very hot or very cold days. There ARE still 4 large windows up there, so we may have to give those some heavier curtains so as to lessen the effects of the sun on that glass.

Thanks for stopping by today!

-= Dave =-


Another A/C repair…but with a surprise ending!

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So on the afternoon of Friday, July 20th, I’m looking at the thermostat, remarking on how high it’s creeping up… I’m thinking that the air conditioner is struggling, but that’s understandable due to the last 2+ weeks of 100+ degree temperatures here. Then, suddenly, the 5:15 PM weather forecast is on and the weather girl remarks on how today is a “cool break” (90’s) compared to the other days!

That made me suddenly realize that our A/C wasn’t working. I checked the outdoor unit and sure enough, it’s making a humming sound. No ice buildup on the lines. Seems a lot like what happened to us just a few months ago, at the end of May!

So, …


May: Doesn’t it seem like something’s always gone wrong when you come back from vacation?

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Well, we came back from a one week vacation to find that the air conditioning wasn’t kicking in. The inside fan would blow but cold air wasn’t coming out. The lines weren’t frozen up (like that time this happened last year). So, I called the same company I called then, Climate Control. (I’d originally learned about them from Angie’s List.)

I called them the morning after we returned. They told us that they’d have somebody out after noon, so my wife and I went out for breakfast. Shortly after 10 AM, they called and said the tech was on his way!! So, we wolfed-down the rest of our breakfast and drove across town. …


Replaced the Hot Water Heater

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How you know your old hot water heater is REALLY old: When it’s a Montgomery Ward brand! Heh, the only date I could find on it said something about ANSI standards of 1991. It’s a Montgomery Ward “Energy Saver 800” SRM-33408. The sticker on it that estimates how much it costs annually to heat water says $162 / year.

On April 20th, we replaced that with a brand new GE Model SG40T12AVG ( from Home Depot. I chose it because of its 12 year warranty, plus the fact that it was highly rated by consumers. It cost me $588 (yikes!)

(I do subscribe to “Consumer Reports” magazine now. …


Finally revving up again for some home improvement!

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Greetings All!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted… I know. Sorry about that, but we haven’t really DONE any home improvement in a while. Let’s face it, money has been tight in the past year!

Money is still tight tight.

But there are some things that just have to be done right now. And there seem to be a few opportunities on the horizon.

1) What little we HAVE done this year — I did have a plumber come out and do two smaller jobs for me: He installed shut-off valves on the water supplies for the sink, the toilet, and the tub in our second floor bathroom. As we get ready to hopefully remodel …

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